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We cannot travel in the coming period; therefor the conference will be held online. To make your experience a little less remote, less virtual, and less sterile, it might be nice to share some “local flavour”. In the prelude to the virtual STI&HIV2021 meeting we seek content from the scientific community, to share a look into your daily work space, or what is keeping you busy at the moment. Feel free to send us your contribution (in the form of a 2 minute video) and we’ll post it on the website!

Welcome to the ATN CARES study where we aim to optimize HIV prevention and treatment for youth at HIV risk, acutely infected, and with established HIV infection in Los Angeles and New Orleans. The video follows a few of our Los Angeles team members, including Adriana Romero-Espinoza, the director of the recruitment engagement and retention center, Dianna Polanco, a study interviewer, and Stacey Urauchi, the director of the intervention team.

Henry de Vries got tested on STI at the Amsterdam PHS STI & Sexual Health Clinic in Amsterdam.

Carolines’ lab works on syphilis infections. Apart from her colleagues you will see a cool “spacey” anaerobic chamber to handle the syphilis bacteria, but also a cosy “lab certified” christmas tree.
Claudia Estcourt sent in this clip from her sexual health clinic. It involves a short explainer video that describes their study, LUSTRUM and trial of Accelerated Partner Therapy (APT) .