Symposium speakers

Symposium 1: Genital Microbiome and Reproductive Health

Chair: David Fredricks

S01.1  Sujatha Srinivasan (Identification of bacteria associated with idiopathic non-gonococcal urethritis in men)
S01.2  Erica Lokken (Bacterial vaginosis, vaginal microbiota, and fecundability)
S01.3  Nuno Cerca (New insights into Gardnerella and other BV-associated bacteria)
S01.4  Cathy Lozupone (The intestinal microbiome in HIV/AIDS)

Symposium 2: Antimicrobial Resistance in STIs: Drivers & Impact

Chair: Jorgen Jensen

S02.1  Fabian Kong (AMR and extragenital STIs; pharmacokinetic considerations)
S02.2  Chris Kenyon (The Impact of STI testing on AMR evolution)
S02.3  David Whiley  (Implications of AMR on molecular diagnostic test development and monitoring for assay proficiency with changing AMR)
S02.4  Michelle Cole (Concordance between genotypic and phenotypic resistance, and implications for surveillance of AMR)

Symposium 3: Mycoplasma genitalium

Chair: Catriona Bradshaw

S03.1  Maria Trent (Role of M. genitalium in symptoms and syndromes in women)
S03.2  Gerrald Murray (What is the role of quinolone resistance testing in the management of M.genitalium?)
S03.3  Catriona Bradshaw (New treatment approaches for M.genitalium:)
S03.4  Lisa Manhart (M.genitalium: Is it time for surveillance?)

Symposium 4: Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Chair: Harold Wiesenfeld

S04.1  Harold Wiesenfeld (A Modern Re-appraisal of PID Treatment – The Impact of Anaerobes and M. genitalium)
S04.2  Jonathan Ross (How should antimicrobial resistance in Neisseria gonorrhoeae influence PID treatment)
S04.3  Sharon Hillier (Do We Have the Tools to Refine the Diagnostic Precision for PID?)
S04.4  Pippa Oakeshott (Prevention of PID: Evidence-Based Approaches to Preventing PID and its Sequelae)

Symposium 5: Youth in the Global South and Sexual Health

Chair: Linda Gail Bekker

S05.1  Elona Toska (Positive youth and pregnancy)
S05.2  Nadia Sam-Agudu (Integration of Services)
S05.3  Nyaradzo Mgodi/ Elzette Rousseau-Jemwa (Biomedical interventions)
S05.4  Irene Ogeta  (youth participation and engagement)

Symposium 6: A Holistic Approach to Transgender Health

Chair: Tonia Poteat

S06.1  Leigh Ann van der Merwe (The Healthcare Experiences of Transgender Women Living with HIV in Buffalo City Metro Municipality)
S06.2  Mauro Cabral Grinspan (Depathologizing Trans: needs, opportunities and challenges)
S06.3  Rena Janamnuaysook (The roles of Key Population-led Health Services (KPLHS) in increasing access to gender-affirming care, STI and sexual health services among transgender communities in Thailand)

Symposium 7: New Methods to Enhance Routine Surveillance

Chair: Deborah Williamson

S07.1  Deborah Williamson (Informing gonorrhoea AMR surveillance using genomic data)
S07.2  Alexandra M. Oster (Using surveillance data to detect HIV clusters and outbreaks and respond to address gaps in prevention)
S07.3  Rebecca Guy (Applying big data to sexual health research)
S07.4  Teodora Wi (Tools to enhance global STI surveillance)

Symposium 8: Implementing home-based and internet-based STI screening and testing programs

Chair: Jan van Bergen & Nicole Dukers

S08.1  Eneyi Kpokiri (The global landscape of home-based and internet-based testing)
S08.2  Eline op de Coul (E-STI in the Netherlands: the Dutch experience)
S08.3  Weiming Tang (Theoretical/practical/evaluation implementation frameworks and how they are useful for best-practice (lessons learned I))
S08.4  Paula Baraitser (Theoretical/practical/evaluation implementation frameworks and how they are useful for best-practice (lessons learned II)

Symposium 9: Resistance-Guided Therapy

Chair: Jeffrey Klausner & Cecile Bebear

S09.1  Lao-Tzu Allan-Blitz (Resistance-guided treatment of Gonorrhea)
S09.2  Olivia Peuchant (Resistance-guided treatment of Chlamydia)
S09.3  Catriona Bradshaw (Resistance-guided treatment of Mycoplasma)
S09.4  Muhammad Morshed (Resistance-guided treatment of Syphilis)

Symposium 10: HPV Self-Sampling

Chair: Jennifer Tang & Patty Garcia

S10.1  Jennifer Smith (Mailed self-collection in the United States: Lessons learned from the MyBodyMyTest studies in North Carolina)
S10.2  Nafissa Osman (Cervical cancer screening:  Benefits and challenges of HPV self-sampling in Mozambique)
S10.3  Andrew Vallely (Point-of-care HPV testing and treatment for cervical cancer screening in Papua New Guinea and Myanmar”)
S10.4  Mauricio Maza (Experiences with the introduction of primary HPV self sampling screening in Latin American Countries)
S10.5  Youlin Qiao (Cervical cancer screening in rural China: From VIA/VILI, PAP smear to self-sampling HPV test)

Symposium 11: COVID & STIs

Chair: Matthew Golden

S11.1  Suneeta Soni (Adapting to provide STI care during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic)
S11.2  Kristien Michelsen (ISHARE- A multi-country analysis of sexual and reproductive health during COVID)
S11.3  Julia Hood (Building a COVID-19 Contact Tracing Program on an HIV/STI Public Health Foundation: The King County, WA, USA Experience)
S11.4  Stephanie Cohen (HIV and STI prevention during the COVID-19 pandemic: the San Francisco experience)