preliminary program / Confirmed speakers

Confirmed plenary speakers at the STI&HIV 2021 World Congress

Plenary 1: Sanjay (Saravanan) Ram (Development of Immunotherapeutic approaches against GC)
Plenary 2: Yonatan Grad (The evolution of genomics in STIs – including GC, MG, and syphilis)
Plenary 3: David Asch (Behavioral Economics examples for STI control)
Plenary 4: (Ron Stall) Syndemics and Sex in the City
Plenary 6: Lindley Barbee (Partner management in the time of AMR; how to prevent transmission whilst using antibiotics responsibly)
Plenary 7: Elizabeth Bukusi (Prioritizing  non-HIV STI interventions in low resource settings)
Plenary 8: Bill (William) Miller (Effectiveness of interventions without RCTs)
Plenary 9: Ken (Kenneth) Mayer (Diverging paths of HIV and STI Prevention)
Plenary 10: Nicole Dukers (Dukers-Muijrers) (Chlamydia controversies; screening, rectal treatment, transmission)
Plenary 11: Yogan Pillay (Implementation & monitoring national programs)
Plenary 13: Claudia Estcourt (Digital sexual health)
Plenary 15: Shruta Rawat  (Strengthening communities’ response, stake, and engagement in HIV/STI research)