Platform FAQ

Where can I find an overview of the program?

Please check our website for a full program overview:

In the platform you can find a program overview in the left menu DAILY PROGRAM. You can place the sessions you don’t want to miss in your AGENDA and you can mark all sessions and posters as FAVOURITES so you can easily watch them later on.

The program in the platform shows the local time zone, used by the device you’re logged in with.

My internet connection is blocky/slow, what can I do?

In case of a blocky/stuttering display, it may be due to a slow internet connection. Make sure you have enough bandwidth and preferably use a fast WiFi or cable connection. If you wish, you can check your internet speed by means of a speed test. Refreshing the browser using F5 can help if the signal remains stuck keeps causing problems:

Can I also upload my PPT video on this platform myself?

No this is not possible. You have received a separate email with a link in order to upload your PPT video. You can request a new (temporary) upload link here:

How do I return to the Home page of the platform

By clicking on the STI&HIV logo on the top left corner or on the HOME button in the top banner on the right, you will return to the Home page of the platform

Can I log in to the platform in my corporate/hospital environment?

Our experience shows that viewing an online event in a company/hospital environment can be problematic due to the applicable security settings. We therefore advise you to ask your ICT department if they have any restrictions with regard to live broadcasts, if you want to view the congress in your working environment.

What is the duration of the STI & HIV 2021 World Congress?

The congress takes place online, from 14/07/2021 till 17/07/2021
Every day several sessions will be streamed live and can be attended by all participants. In addition to these sessions, you will find a large selection of prerecorded sessions and e-posters in the platform. All sessions and e-posters will be available for participants until 3 months after the congress ends.

Where can I find the posters?

All posters are available in the E-POSTERS section. For many posters a short video pitch is also available to watch.
All sessions and e-posters will be available for participants until 3 months after the congress ends.

EACCME Accreditation and Certificate

We are pleased to inform you that STI & HIV 2021 World Congress has been accredited by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME®) with 18 CME credits.
14.07.2021 – 6 credits
15.07.2021 – 3 credits
16.07.2021 – 6 credits
17.07.2021 – 3 credits
At the latest 1 month after the congress you will receive an EACCME certificate. With this certificate you can apply for EACCME credit points.
Certificate for speakers
Please send an email to to apply for a certificate for your presentation.


An evaluation form will be sent after the congress by email. Please be so kind to fill out the form. We would like to use the results of this survey to measure the quality of this meeting and will use your suggestions to further improve future meetings.

Which browser should I use?

Please use the Chrome browser for the best experience when interacting during the sessions. If you are on a mobile device please turn on “desktop mode” in the browser settings to login.

Where can I find the Sponsors?

In the SPONSORS section you can find an overview of all exhibitors. You can visit their virtual booths and get in contact with the exhibitors by using the SCHEDULE MEETING button.

Where can I find the recorded sessions?

Several sessions (plenaries, symposia, oral presentations) have been pre-recorded. They can be found in the RECORDED PRSENTATIONS section. Here you can filter by speaker, topic, or abstract number. The abstract book is available as well, to search for abstracts of your interest.
Live sessions will be moved to the RECORDED PRESENTATIONS section, after they have ended, unless speakers would withdraw their consent.They will be available after 24 hours. All sessions will be available in the RECORDED PRESENTATIONS section for 3 months, except the Joint ISSTDR/IAS sessions on Saturday.

How can I get in contact with others?

In the FORUM section several topics have been defined, in which you can get in contact with other participants regarding these topics.
With the Sponsors you can plan individual meetings, go to SPONSORS and you can plan a meeting with the company representatives.
At the RECORDED PRESENTATIONS section you can find the email address of the presenter. You can get in contact with them by email.
At the E-POSTER section you can enter a question for the presenter. The presenter can choose to answer to you personally, or to show the answer for all participants.

Where can I find the presentations after the congress?

You can still log in to the platform using your personal log in details. The presentations will be available for participants until 3 months after the congress ends.