Joint ISSTDR/IAS sessions

Joint ISSTDR/IAS session 1 (16:40 – 18:10 CEST)

Symposium From elimination to ensuring: A paradigm shift for meeting the sexual and reproductive health and rights needs of women living with HIV
16:40:00 Ying Ling Woo A revolutionary approach to cervical cancer screening that improves accessibility of testing and follow-up for women everywhere
16:47:00 Ted Trimble Opening and closing remarks
16:51:00 Lisa Huang An integrated approach to HIV and the elimination of cervical cancer
16:58:00 Adeeba Kamarulzaman Opening and closing remarks
17:02:00 Longret Kwardem Power of positive language: the evolution to ensuring sexual and reproductive health and rights for women living with HIV (eSRHR)
17:09:00 Mona Loutfy Women centred HIV care
17:12:30 Breklyn Bertozzi Women centred HIV care
17:16:00 Vikrant Sahasrabuddhe Latest science from the US-Latin American-Caribbean HIV/HPV-Cancer Prevention Clinical Trials Network (ULACNet)
17:23:00 Leigh Ann van der Merwe Inclusive considerations about women and diversity
17:30:00   Closing of symposium
17:30:00 Nicholas T. Funderburg Immunosenescence and HIV: Mutual interactions?
17:40:00 Lene Ryom Co-morbidities in people living with HIV: Host- or HIV-associated?
17:50:00 Richard Harding Co-morbidity and HIV: What matters to patients?
18:00:00 Sharon Hillier What is next in the pipeline for IVR products?
18:10:00 Closing

Joint ISSTDR/IAS session 2 (19:10 – 20:40 CEST)

Symposium Making more of the prevention tools already available: Scaling up U=U
19:10:00 Bruce Richman Opening
19:15:00 Brent Allen U=U in Australia. Getting Heard Outside the Echo Chamber
19:20:00 Franco Luciano Bova U=U in Argentina
19:25:00 Erika Castellanos U=U for Transgender people
19:30:00 Kenneth Ngure U=U in Kenya
19:35:00 Beatriz Grinsztejn U=U in Brazil
19:40:00 All Panel discussion and closing remarks
13:55:00   Closing of symposium
19:55:00 Pedro Cahn ART: bridge or barrier to achieve the 90-90-90 goals
20:10:00 Linos Vandekerckhove Cellular sources of rebound virus
20:20:00 Beatrice Hahn Viral determinants of rebound after ATI
20:30:00 Xu Yu Viral reservoirs: Lessons learnt from elite controllers
20:40:00 Closing