IUSTI Europe Advanced Course 2021

“STIs: What´s the State of the Art?”

July 14, 2021, 8.30 am to 12.30 pm


08:30 State of the Art: Tasks and Visions of IUSTI Europe Airi Poder
08:50 Syphilis Diagnosis Marco Cusini
09:10 Amplification Methods: still to improve? Angelika Stary
09:30 HIV and PREP and what else? Andy Winter
09:50 Recurrent bacterial vaginosis: Problems to solve Janet Wilson
10:10 Scabies: an untreatable STI? Claudia Heller-Vitouch
10:30 The relapsing genital Herpes Raj Patel
10:50 Gonorrhoea treatment: is there a state of the art David Lewis
11:10 The burning Urethra Georg Stary
11:30 The itching Genitalia: Ladies first Misko Skerlev
11:50 Penile Problems: Inflammation and/or infections?“ Misha Gomberg
12:10 The chronic Patient Derek Freedman

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