Local Organizing Committee

Henry de Vries

  • Full professor with the assignment skin infections in particular leprosy University of Amsterdam;
  • Advisor to the Netherlands Center for Infectious diseases control on the curative STI programme;
  • Consultant Dermatologist and Medical supervisor STI outpatient clinic, Health service Amsterdam;
  • Consultant Dermatologist and fellow department of Dermatology, Academic Medical Centre, University of Amsterdam;
  • National representative the Netherlands for the International Union against Sexually transmitted Infections (IUSTI) Europe;
  • Board member of the International Society for STD Research (ISSTDR);
  • Member of the board of Governors Aids Foundation and Soa Aids Nederland.

Febe Deug

  • CMC, director Programs, Lobby and Grants Aidsfonds – Soa Aids Nederland
  • Member H-TEAM, an alliance focused on getting Amsterdam to zero new HIV infections


Maria Oud

  • Project coordinator International Affairs;
  • Infectious Diseases/Staff, Public Health Service Amsterdam (Netherlands);
  • Secretary of the Foundation World STI & HIV Congress 2021;
  • Coordinator of the MCH Handbook Conference 2021, Amsterdam (Netherlands);
  • Former secretary of the Amsterdam Planning Group for the International AIDS 2018 conference;
  • Former coordinator of the ISSTDR 2005 conference, Amsterdam (Netherlands).

Martin van Oostrom

  • MSc, secretary to the board Aidsfonds and Soa Aids Netherland, Amsterdam (Netherlands);
  • Chair to the board of governors of chair AIDS and STI in general practice, Academic Medical Centre, Amsterdam (Netherlands);
  • Secretary-treasurer, ISSTDR Conference Support Foundation, Amsterdam (Netherlands);
  • Chair a.i. to the Netherlands’ Platform on STI and Sexual Health.

Stichting World STI & HIV Congress 2021

The Stichting (Foundation) World STI & HIV Congress 2021 (in liquidatie) is the legal entity of Local Organizing Committee.The foundation is registered at the Amsterdam Chambre of Commerce (71016538). RSIN: 858547661.

Henry the Vries, Chair
Maria Oud,Secretary
Martin van Oostrom, Treasurer
Febe Deug, member.

Condensatorweg 54
1014AX Amsterdam

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