Congress presidents

Henry de Vries

Henry de Vries (1967) is dermatologist-venereologist with expertise in skin infections, especially sexually transmitted infections and tropical skin diseases. In 2010 he was appointed Professor of skin infections at the University of Amsterdam. He is currently employed at the Pubic Health Service Amsterdam STI outpatient clinic. In cooperation with the public health laboratory and research department, he leads a research group including 15 PhD students. He also works at the Department of Dermatology at the Amsterdam University Medical Centres, where every Monday he supervises the outpatient clinic for infectious diseases of the skin especially tropical skin diseases such as leishmaniasis and leprosy. He is lead author for the IUSTI European guidelines on lymphogranuloma venereum and STI related proctitis.

Janet Wilson

Dr Janet Wilson has been a specialist in Sexual Health and HIV at Leeds, UK, since 1991. She has been on the World Executive Committee of the International Union against Sexually Transmitted Infections (IUSTI) since 2007 and became President of IUSTI in July 2019. She is a Past-President of the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV (BASHH) and was a member of the group producing the 2019 BASHH National Standards for the Management of STIs. She is also co-author of several IUSTI and BASHH guidelines. Her main areas of research are the clinical application and cost-effectiveness of diagnostic tests for chlamydia, gonorrhoea and Mycoplasma genitalium, and managing recurrent vaginal infections and infections in pregnancy.