Community Committee

Febe Deug

Febe Deug MSc, CMC studied sociology, intercultural communication and finalized a masters management consultancy. She was a lecturer women’s studies at the University of Amsterdam and worked as a researcher and trainer on sexual violence against women. Most of her professional life she was consultant with assignments on diversity and organisational development. She published books on sexual violence as well as on organisational change in relation to diversity. She was deputy director of a high school in Amsterdam and since 2014 Febe is director Programs, Lobby and grants national of Aidsfonds – Soa Aids Nederland; and member of the H-team: an alliance focused on getting Amsterdam to zero new HIV infections.

Errol L. Fields

Errol L. Fields, MD, PhD, MPH is an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in the Department of Pediatrics, Division of Adolescent/Young Adult Medicine. He is a physician scientist whose research focuses on reducing racial disparities in HIV burden affecting young Black, gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men in the US.

Jonathan Ho

Jonathan Ho is an artist and designer based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  He graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven with a Masters in Design and has a background as an industrial designer. Within his practice, he is focused on the relationship between design and contemporary sexuality. He often collaborates with external practitioners from other fields ranging from the evolutionary sciences to performance art and theatre.

Richard Keldoulis

Richard Keldoulis is currently part-owner of cruise club ChUrch and Sauna NZ, both gay sex-on-premise venues in Amsterdam. He has actively supported hiv prevention campaigns in Amsterdam for more than 25 years and was a founding member of PrEPnu activist group. His alter ego drag persona Jennifer Hopelezz and her family are a fixture in the Amsterdam nightlife scene and use drag and activism- dragtivism- to promote sex positivity and fight homophobia, transphobia and hiv stigma.

Quirine Lengkeek

Quirine Lengkeek, MSc is a sociologist and queer activist. She works as advocacy coordinator for CHOICE for Youth and Sexuality, a youth-led SRHR organisation. She strives for sex workers’ rights as chairwoman of SekswerkExpertise, and has been active in the LGBTI+ community for years through, among others, the multimedia collective Pink Terrorists and queer women’s research organisation Stichting Ondersteboven

Kevin Moody

Kevin Moody, BScPhm, MBA, EdD is a PhD Candidate at the Amsterdam University Medical Centres investigating the effectiveness of patient-reported outcomes in HIV outpatient clinics. Previously, he worked with international NGOs and agencies to develop community-led, person-centred research, programmes, and advocacy strategies, focussing on improving the quality of life for people living with HIV and optimising their sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Henry de Vries

Henry de Vries, MD, PhD (1967) is dermatologist-venereologist with expertise in skin infections, especially sexually transmitted infections and tropical skin diseases. In 2010 he was appointed Professor of skin infections at the University of Amsterdam. He is currently employed at the Pubic Health Service Amsterdam STI outpatient clinic. In cooperation with the public health laboratory and research department, he leads a research group including 15 PhD students. He also works at the Department of Dermatology at the Amsterdam University Medical Centres, where every Monday he supervises the outpatient clinic for infectious diseases of the skin especially tropical skin diseases such as leishmaniasis and leprosy. He is lead author for the IUSTI European guidelines on lymphogranuloma venereum and STI related proctitis.