Conference Instructions

Poster Guidelines

Providing Your Poster
Presenters will have the following opportunities to present their research and communicate with attendees:

  • provide a one-page Poster PDF that can be published as supplemental material to the abstract.
  • submit a three-minute recorded presentation.
  • participate in discussion with attendees through our congress platform (chat).

Presenters are highly encouraged to fulfill all three options to best facilitate a robust and dynamic virtual Poster Session.  Presenters MUST provide at least a Poster PDF, and preferable a 3-minute video.

Submission Deadline:  25 June 2021

Poster PDF Requirements
All poster presenters should provide a one-page Poster PDF.

Although any dimensions can be used, remember that attendees will be viewing posters on their computer screens. We recommend posters to be readable without zoom when displayed at full-screen width.

If that’s not possible, because of all the information you want to include, please use Portrait format, with a height maximum of 2x the screen size, so scrolling is only necessary from top to bottom, but NOT from left to right.

Please put your abstract ID (e.g., P012) on the top right corner of the poster.

The three-minute video must be made in PowerPoint (via Record slide show), and is limited to no more than 4 slides. No live presentations will be given, but we encourage real-time engagement through our congress platform where you will be able to directly correspond (chat) with attendees.

E-Poster Preparation

Please read the following technical requirements:

  Poster PDF Poster presentation video
File format PDF (.pdf) PowerPoint (.pptx)
Orientation Single-Page, Landscape Format (16:9) or in case of Portrait Format (16:18) Landscape Format (16:9)
Dimensions in Pixel 1920 width x 1080 height  (Portrait 1920 width x maximum 2160 height) 1920 width x 1080 height
Recommended font size Minimum 14 points Minimum 14 points
Maximum file size 10 MB 200Mb
Video formats .mp4, .mpg, .mov, .avi
Number of videos 1 video

Conflicts of Interest Disclosure
In compliance with EACCME requirements all speakers are requested to include a slide disclosing conflicts of interest at the beginning of their presentation (i.e. 2nd slide).

Kindly include a disclosure slide as the first slide of your presentation. Should you need an example, please click here. Please click here for more information.