Food in Amsterdam

Food in Amsterdam A culinary melting pot

City restaurants offer everything a hungry visitor craves: from Indonesian to tapas, from Mediterranean
to modern Dutch. You can enjoy food from all over the world in Amsterdam – numerous cultures and influences are represented in the city’s restaurants. Our restaurants will help you to take a culinary trip around the globe and take in a multitude of exotic scents and flavors as well as culinary skills from various European countries. Part of the fun of visiting a new city is sampling the food and drink – and Amsterdam has delicious local delicacies worth seeking out. In addition to Amsterdam’s liqueurs and beers, there are also many foods with a unique history. Green eating is quite the buzz these days. And, as more and more people become interested in eating at restaurants and cafés that offer organic, sustainable and local options, the choices are rapidly expanding. These restaurants in Amsterdam are sure to please your stomach and your conscience. Furthermore, going to a Michelin-rated restaurant can be quite the treat, and the Netherlands certainly isn’t short on options. With 12 Michelin-rated restaurants in Amsterdam carrying one (or two) of the coveted stars, the choices are as diverse as the city itself. Whether you are looking for homey Dutch cuisine, a Michelin-rated restaurant or a sample of the Netherlands’ world-famous cheeses, we have it all.

Tasting Amsterdam
Most butcher shops sell Ossenworst (ox sausage), a delicacy which originates from the 17th century and is still loved today. It became popular when oxen were imported more from Denmark and Germany, and the spices – pepper, cloves, mace and nutmeg – hark back to the spice trading from the Dutch East Indies (modern-day Indonesia). Jewish immigrants brought a love of pickles, such as the Amsterdamse uien (Amsterdamse onions), cocktail onions pickled and tinted yellow. Of course there are the Dutch classics, too. Various cheeses, smoked sausages, fresh herring and croquettes are staples.

Dutch cuisine
Restaurants serve up hearty pea soup (snert), crepestyle sweet or savoury pancakes (pannenkoeken),
meat croquettes (kroketten), thick-cut fries (patat) and wholesome variations of meat and mashed potato dishes (stamppot) are just a few examples of satisfying typical Dutch fare. Fresh seafood, such as herring, mussels and shrimp are available all year round. There is also a strong Indonesian influence in Dutch cooking, with Nasi Goreng and peanut sauce as common as deep-fried cod chunks (kibbeling) and mini sweet pancakes (poffertjes). In terms of taste, Amsterdam is home to many cultures and flavours. Check out amsterdam’s selection of upcoming culinary events in and around Amsterdam.